• HOW-4 : An Organizational Network Analysis Tool

    HOW4: Organizational Network Analysis tool
    A disruptive Organizational Network Analysis approach
    Diagnose your organization to reveal hidden insights and existing knowledge
    within the interactions among Employees, Managers and Teams

What We Do

We all want to make better and faster decisions.
Companies use data and analytics to optimize every aspect related to the product and sales cycle.
The only thing they don’t have is accurate and actionable data on what actually powers an organization:
cooperation among people.

This is where HOW4 fits in.

HOW4 easily collects data

from the organization and provides a comprehensive visualization of the real structure and information flows featured by the organization.

HOW4 quickly identifies

possible silos, bottlenecks and communications gaps, and highlights the unnoticed leaders and cooperation boosters.

HOW4’s organizational maps

provide the management the tool to identify misalignment within the organization, fix broken processes or implement new ones with as little friction as possible.

How We Do It

The network of relationships among employees is rarely ever discussed and organizations have no means to map and measure it.

HOW4’s organizational intelligence changes that.

Using a quick, non-intrusive survey and applying algorithms from organizational network analysis, we provide the management with accurate organizational maps of the real communication flows within the organization, either formal or informal.

The dynamic network below is a representation of this “real communication flow”, which you probably would empathise with from your experience. Understanding this phenomenon has become easier thanks to HOW4.

Why HOW4

HOW4 is a new generation tool that allow to perform networks analysis for huge organizations.

Via a simple, fact-based survey, HOW4 builds organizational network maps that offers insights into bridging collaboration gaps and identifying the talents that really make the difference.

More than 20 dynamic indices and rich visualizations are available for managers to explore insights that are otherwise not obtainable without hundred hours interviews and analysis.

HOW4 analyzes the cooperation health of your organization, in order to optimize team performance, employee involvement and to plan organizational and leadership development.

HOW4 places your employees first and uses their knowledge and experience to boost performance.
A bottom-up approach allows you to identify how people really cooperate and how information flows to give you insights into how you can utilize your workforce more efficiently.

HOW4 provides real-time reporting on which you can take immediate action and make long-term plans.

HOW4 places your employees first and uses their knowledge experience
to boost performance.

HOW4 provides real-time reporting on which you can take immediate action and make long-term plans.

Our Team

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