• One platform for different needs
    Explore your organization's fact-based social structure

Leadership diagnostics

Find work-related strengths and weaknesses for Teams and Employees.

  • Detect and characterize key leaders

  • Compare leaders and team performance

  • Assess influence over team members and colleagues

  • Pinpoint recruitment needs

Cooperation enhancement

  • Use existing knowledge to boost cooperation within and between teams

  • Increase knowledge transfer

  • Receive information from outposts out of HR’s reach

  • Deep analysis of collaboration needs of teams and employees

  • Comprehensive data and network maps to help with development plans

Talent development

  • Support talent training and development

  • Smart succession planning

  • Increase engagement through collaboration

  • Improve employee retention through addressing needs

  • Support strategic human resource planning

Organizational design

Organizational design

  • Analyse your Teams by clarity of hierarchical and working ties

  • Have insight about internal Managerial Style and connections among Teams

  • Maps different Teams to reflect their Organizational Relevance as well

    Bridge GAPS and misalignments

  • Find employees with no managers

  • Detect managers whose job description is unclear

  • Boost performance through re-defining titles and processes

  • Diagnose patterns of misalignments to find whether problems are local or organizational

  • Full matrix structure support

    Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Map the organizational network of merging entities

  • Uncover key links before/during/after the merger

  • Identify opportunities for a better integration

  • Locate barriers in the information flow and decision-making

  • Identify resources that can facilitate the transition

Organizational processes

  • Look at Mediators and Influencers to allocate projects or compose Teams

  • Discover the most relevant Teams for different Processes or Targets

  • Act on relations to strengthen key connections and actors

Organizational processes
Organizational processes

Performance management

  • Map the workforce through an organizational perspective

  • Have objective and quantitative indicators to measure organizational behavior

  • Effectively measure internal cooperation among resources

  • Map Project Teams within the organization

  • Assign Internal Resources rich but measurable targets