Fabio Fedel

Chief Executive Officer

Fabio is the CEO of HOW-4. He has developed the conceptual managerial framework to use the evidences produced by HOW-4 to enhance the value creation performances of the companies. He serves as Managing Director of Active Value Advisors, as well. Fabio is recognized as an expert in the Value Based Management approach, having worked as consultant in many of the FTSE Mib Index companies. Fabio is also a board member of Financial and Industrial firms.

Michela Visciola

Managing Director

Knowing and Acting on organizations does not mean the same thing for all businesses. Michela serves as Managing Director of HOW-4. She is in charge of all operational activities concerning the development of HOW-4 including meeting the needs and information requirements of different Clients. She serves as Senior Manager of Active Value Advisors as well.
Michela has designed and executed several HR, Marketing and Strategy projects for leading Italian and International Companies. She graduated Summa Cum laude in Business Administration from Bocconi University and holds a Master of Science in Accounting, Finance and Control from the same University.

Sergio Ronchi

Chief Technology Officer

Sergio is an automation engineer. He leads the company’s technological and software infrastructure. Thanks to years of experience and to the diversity of the projects he has worked on, he can manage projects in different areas and with different technologies. In How-4 projects he is the responsible for organizing the implementation issues, defining the architecture, the data model and the processing algorithms.

Eyal Steiner

Senior Advisor

Eyal serves as Senior Advisor of HOW-4. He was the CEO of DNA-7, a platform of Organizational Network Analysis, spending most of his time in the United States. Eyal is an assistant professor at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude in Economics & Accounting. Eyal has over ten years of experience in analyzing complex organizational structures and leadership through his service as an intelligence officer in the IDF. Winner of Chief Intelligence Officer excellence award (2007)