Within the organization, people build and maintain personal networks.

When it comes to ask colleagues how they might handle a certain issue, ideas are expressed and potential solutions explored through these open interactions in the network. Here, people who have similar but not the same expertise, bring their ideas and different values forward in their challenge of understanding how to get the work done effectively.

Thus, by engaging a broader network, people frame the problem and produce more innovative outcomes.

Besides, people who explore possibilities together and co-create solution contributing to the evolution of something new, are more engaged in its success. When implementing the innovative solution they have come up to, they naturally become early adopters and spread positive word of mouth.

The innovation process is therefore faster and easily accepted by the organization itself.

To bring in the needed knowledge as the work evolves, it is critical to detect the network brokers, who serve as bridges within the network, as well as connectors, who can socialize ideas.

HOW-4 it’s a sound methodology that allows to identify the performer’s identity (broker, hub, bridge).

By diagnosing the entire organization or the single business unit, it provides quick access to insights about people centrality and cooperation.

HOW-4 reveals and monitors the existing network uncovering the latent power of the informal networks to support organizations on their path to innovation.

Fabio Fedel,

Managing Partner HOW-4