Today companies are dealing with generations – from Millennials to Generation Z – who have grown up in an experience economy.

Even when it comes to work, new generations value experience more than stuff. As companies have become increasingly aware that employees are their best asset, the Employee Experience is critical to them.

The 60’s already witnessed some theories highlighting how company growth, in terms of speed and change management, is closely related to the availability of organizational as well as specific skills in human resources. Since then, the impact and importance of the employee experience within companies has been growing. From cost savings, to revenue generation, all metrics are directly influenced by the employee experience.

The various employee experiential paths provide data that, with support of a dedicated platform, help HR develop new strategies for an engaging and productive work environment in line with company’s goals and employees’ expectations.

HOW-4 is a state-of-the-art platform that analyzes large and complex organizations based on the employee’s answer to a short survey, providing tailored synthetic indicators to support HR teams activate positive concrete employee experience.

By Fabio Fedel

Managing Partner HOW-4