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According to Harvard Business Review “since 2000, 52 percent of companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired or ceased to exist as a result of digital disruption”.

Interestingly enough, Forbes highlights that the digital transformation itself has only a 16% chance to succeed. Why is this?

When we think about digital transformation we usually associate it to new investments in technology driving new values for customers and businesses. In businesses, like in any other field, technology helps people sort out their job but, statistically, employees don’t like change.
Consequently, businesses are likely to run into their resistance, unless digital transformation means getting things done in a better and easier way.

To talk their employees into the change, many companies appoint change agents. Nevertheless, as Harvard Business Review stresses, “more than 50% of influencers are typically unknown to the management”. To identify them in a scientifically and business proved way there is ONA (Organizational Network Analysis). Recent studies show that, on average, with just 4% of influencers identified by ONA, the organization can help about 70% of employees embrace the change, thus being a powerful tool.

There are different ways to do ONA. Short surveys are effective and fast. HOW-4, is a platform that analyzes large and complex organizations based on the employee’s answer to a short survey supporting businesses quickly accelerating change.