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Take advantage of our cutting-edge new technology to make your organization work smarter

Face the increasingly complex and competitive environment: exploit the HOW4 potential to understand, govern and nurture your company’s nervous system

It’s our basic applicative to discover How Organizations Work

Thanks to a 4 questions web-based survey, HOW4 enables company managers to effectively track and analyze the real functioning of large organizations.

The HOW4 Cloud Platform allows real-time monitoring of the questionnaire response rate.

Recalls can be arranged during the response period to encourage employee participation.

As soon as the survey is answered, HOW4 collects raw data and instantaneously returns more than 20 quantitative indicators.

The indices are useful to read and organize the data while bringing out the critical issues according to some relevant managerial views.

Not just indicators… HOW4 provides interactive network maps of Employees, Teams, Units and Organization as a whole. 

In addition, the platform allows to test different organizational structures and displays maps and indicators calculated according to the chosen configuration.


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