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Full access to HOW4 platform


  • Online Platform Access (10 languages managed);
  • Technical Assistance in Setting up your Account;
  • Training Material on Algorithms and Calculations;
  • Help Desk;
  • Raw Data and standard Dashboards examples;


Monthly Fee per Person (*)HOW4HOW4 + HOW Targets
(100-700 employees)
5,00 €6,50 €
(700-2k employees)
3,90 €5 €
(2k-5k employees)
3,20 €4,20 €
(5k-10k employees)
2,50 €3,30 €
(More than 10k employees)
1,90 €2,40 €


Tailored Assistance Packages Recommended

Dedicated assistance in results navigation and ad-hoc dashboards preparation

HOW4HOW4 + HOW Targets
(100-700 employees)
1 week 1 Junior C.
20 hours 1 Senior C.
60 hours 1 Junior C.
30 hours 1 Senior C.
(700-2k employees)
2 week 1 Junior C.
1 week 1 Senior C.
100 hours 1 Junior C.
50 hours 1 Senior C.
(2k-5k employees)
2 week 2 Junior C.
60 hours 1 Senior C.
100 hours 2 Junior C.
90 hours 1 Senior C.
(5k-10k employees)
3 week 2 Junior C.
2 week 1 Senior C.
4 week 2 Junior C.
3 week 1 Senior C.
(More than 10k employees)
To be discussedTo be discussed

(*) Annual subscription


If you are a Top Management Consulting Firm with a clear regional or industry focus and you are interested in partnering with us, let’s talk!

HOW4 has reimagined the traditional “Managerial and Organizational Audit activity”, usually carried out with time-consuming interviews.


Continuously develop improvements for the HOW4 platform

– Deliver pre-sale marketing material

– Provide Sales Support

– Develop co-marketing initiatives

– Provide technical support


Business Development

– Opportunity Qualification

– Customer Management

– Customer Success


Full-access partnership provides the opportunity to offer a cutting-edge HR diagnostic product and deliver additional insights to your clients.

Through this partnership style you gain unrestricted access to the HOW4 platform and the raw data. Partners can deliver in-depth analyses of customer’s organizational structure and launch new HR projects.

To establish such partnership you will need to demonstrate high integrity standards in data management and to ensure a sound turn-over.


Commercial introduction is best suited for those companies that would like to offer the ONA services to their customers but do not wish to be engaged in the sales, pre-sales or support phases provided by this opportunity. 

This partnership type gives partners the chance to enrich their service portfolio with a cutting-edge network analysis tool, but does not provide unrestricted access to data, whose visibility remains reserved to the client and HOW4.

The prospective client would be handled directly by HOW4 and a successful referral fee would be paid to the partner once the opportunity has come to successful close.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the explanations of the most common doubts raised by HOW4.

Getting started

What are the steps to get started?

The launch of the project, as well as its execution, is extremely fast. To kick the survey off we just need very little information about the participants and to meet a couple of times with the top management in order to fine-tune the analysis based on the objectives and style chosen.

What kind of commitment do we ask our clients for?

We ask our customers to be bold in…

– Facing the organizational challenge to improve the execution of the business strategy,
– Undertaking a “path of change”,
– Improving organizational efficiency,
– Increasing employee engagement and productivity
– Preserving their competitive advantage

We’ll take care of the rest!


Is there a limit on the number of nodes that the analysis can include?

HOW4 allows the analysis of large and complex Organizations (more than 30.000 employees analysed).

What metrics can we access to with HOW4?

As soon as employees start answering the survey, the HOW4 online platform computes more than 20 quantitative indicators in real time. These synthetic indexes provide insights on the level of Cooperation within the company, the Centrality of employees and Teams and the Managerial Style within different Units.


How do customers benefit from the ONA project?

The ONA can be the starting point for gaining valuable managerial insights and develop ad-hoc projects in various areas, including:

Performance Management;
Organizational Design;
Team Development;
Change Management;
Talent Retention and Employee Engagement;

Why do you suggest a minimum assistance package?

We suggest to combine the execution of the survey and the basic report of the results with a minimum package of assistance to get the most out of the ONA’s potential. In this way, you can develop in-depth and company-specific analyses and, with the help of our consultants, extract precious information about organizational behaviors from the technical data.

How long can I access to the HOW4 platform?

In addition to project execution and technical support, we offer our customers the opportunity to access the HOW4 platform and a dedicated Self-BI (Tableau) environment where they can develop data analysis and visualization independently or with the help of our consultants. This access will be available for 12 months from the start date of the project.

Privacy & GDPR

Where do you store/process data? How can I ensure I comply with the EU's data privacy regulations?

Our servers are located in Europe and we are GDPR compliant.
You can read our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement at the following links:

Privacy Policy

Data Processing Agreement


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