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What is Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)?

The methodology for studying informal and hidden networks within a formal organization.

ONA helps you understand how your organization really works.

33% of value-added collaborations come from only
3 to 5%
of employees

Harvard Business Review

HOW4 delivers meaningful insights

at organizational, team, group or individual level.

ONA can measure












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Our Approach

1 Survey
A state-of-the-art platform that analyzes large and complex organizations based on the employees’ answers to a short survey.
4 Questions

Only 4 questions to ensure a high response rate and yield tailored indicators and indexes to map how your company works at individual, team and organizational level.

For Consulting Projects
An in-depth analysis on how the organization works provides substantial evidence to improve operational effectiveness and develop informed change management and transformation strategies.
For Leaders and Organizations
A new and massive set of data that empowers managers to identify key and peripheral players in the company and monitor the evolution of the corporate informal structure.

HOW4 Modules

3 easy and swift solutions to uncover the latent power of informal networks.


Detects and maps corporate relationship networks and organizational behaviors at 3 different levels: hierarchical, working and desired.

HOW4 results are summarized in a set of quantitative indicators and relational maps with a clear managerial interpretation.

Reveals the desired and working relationship networks that employees establish to pursue each company strategic goal.

For each strategic objective, HOW Targets can reveal key requests for change by reading the desired relationships between Teams/employees in the organizations.

Identifies the emerging working relationships and networks in the daily working activities with the power of continuous feedback and PatPat360

HOW360 provides insights beyond organizational analysis: Employee Development, Team Management, and Performance Appraisal.


Leadership diagnostics

Find work-related strengths and weaknesses in Teams and Employees.

Cooperation enhancement

Use existing knowledge to boost cooperation within and among Teams.

Organizational design

Look at Mediators and Influencers to allocate projects or compose Teams.

Bridge Gaps & Misalignments

Diagnose patterns of misalignments and find out whether problems are local or organizational.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Identify resources that can facilitate the transition and interactions.

Performance Management

Get objective and quantitative indicators for measuring the organizational behavior.

Diversity & Inclusion

Detect unconscious bias in employees’ and managers’ interaction behaviors.

Digital Transformation

Provide insights on the ongoing process of digitalization of traditional organizations.

Redesign the workplace

Approach the redesign of the workspace by focusing on promoting collaboration.


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