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Track employees interactions and boost engagement through continuous feedback

HOW 360° allows continuous mapping of the organizational behavior thanks to the data provided by PatPat: the ultimate solution for 360° Continuous Feedback

It allows measurement of the achieved results and, based on the feedback received from colleagues, features your employees’ most valued skills, their level of cooperation, trust and engagement.

Take the most out of the power of 360° feedbacks to shed light on your company informal structure.


Some examples of in-depth analysis made possible by PatPat and HOW 360°:

  • the fragmentation or cohesion of the company network

  • the distribution of strategic skills within the organization

  • the role played by the most central employees: gatekeepers or bottlenecks?

  • the differences in the level of engagement between different subnetworks.

Moreover, HOW 360° has the great advantage of relying on the daily interactions of your employees.


Therefore, while in the case of the other two modules it is recommended to repeat the survey after certain period of time, with HOW360° the results gain value as time passes and the data are gathered through Patpat.

Patpat provides an additional set of industry-leading features to innovate standard employee engagement and performance appraisal methods.

Some examples:

  • Pat (Peer to peer recognition)
  • Ask for a Feedback Option
  • Tokens (360° rewarding system)
  • Mood Survey
  • Pulse Survey
  • Find My Guru – discover your organization’s latent skills
  • Corporate Internal Communication features

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