In its “traditional” calculation, the concept of “Span of Control” refers to the number of subordinates a manager has.

Certainly being able to investigate the Formal Organization vs the Informal one this number can greatly vary.

It will be interesting to find out!

The informal view is available according to Graicunas Theory as well.

Mr Graicunas distinguished three types of interactions:

Direct single relationships
Direct group relationships
Each of them contributes to the total amount of interactions within the organization.

The sum of these three types of interactions is the number of potential relationships that a manager can have.

As the number of subordinates increases arithmetically, the number of relationships which the manager has to control also increases almost geometrically.

Therefore, a superior can only manage a limited number of subordinates and anything beyond this limit is very hard to control.

But there is still more.

Managing subordinates in different locations is an even more ambitious challenge.

How-4 calculates an “Adjusted Span of Control” by adding a corrective to those managers who manage subordinates placed in different locations.

Let’s discover the numbers of your organization!