Generation Z and Millennials have been entering the workforce, bringing change.

They are challenging the way the work gets done and creating new demands in the workplace. Like no other generation, they want more collaboration and feedback at work, since they are used to receiving it night and day, and recognition, value.

This demographic change within the workforce increases the need for digital and social technologies, Managers will need to meet the digital native generation expectations to attract, retain and engage good people.

In their job of understanding what matters to employees today, they invest in analytics and measurement tools to value the information they get about direct insights into how people work together and what they care about.

PATPAT360 is the new tool designed by Active Value Advisors for boosting internal communication and getting your employees totally engaged through continuous feedback. 

PATPAT360 provides employee access to the corporate internal social network fueling online collaboration, helping employee feedback to flow to managers, and fostering their willingness to be successful in the position.

Why choose PATPAT360? This is the answer: