New organizational balances and structures are making their way in companies following the digital revolution.

To help organizations and their HR get a better understanding of the ongoing changes, technology and the latest data capabilities provide powerful tools.

One tool is the organizational network analysis (ONA), a new form of HR technology that gets data from feedback surveys, instant messages and collaboration platforms.

The ONA software displays both formal and informal relationships in organizations by analyzing how information, communications and decisions flow internally and assessing the level of engagement.

When based on patterns of communication and influence identified through the nodes, connectors and ties of ONA, business expectations are easier to meet.
This is why this methodology and its toolsets are growing, improving work lives and making people and businesses more successful.

HOW-4 – an emerging ONA tool – reveals and monitors the existing network uncovering the latent power of the informal networks, hereby supporting people and organizations on their path to success.


By Fabio Fedel